Permanent makeup perfectly suits every skin type and that makes it a great choice for anybody. The goal of perfect pigmentation is to add freshness to the face by giving it a whole new dimension.

Using the sophisticated pigmentation method, the natural beauty of your face will be emphasized, but irregularities will also be compensated for.

My name is Eleonora Jakovljević and my job is to enhance your natural beauty by using sophisticated methods of beautifying. I have always been fascinated with the world of beauty and have always admired and followed the work of the best beauty experts around the globe. I took the courage and walked in the world of beauty 10 years ago when I opened my salon.

At first, I started with just classical services, such as manicure, pedicure, massages and etc. After receiving such a great response from my beloved customers, I’ve decided to enhance the specter of my services, starting the trend of face and body mesotherapy in my hometown.

I would define 2012 as the year of the enlightenment in the terms of the growth of not just my business, but myself, as a professional beautician. Meeting Branko Babic, from whom I got a chance to learn a new technique of Japanese eyebrow drawing, which soon became known worldwide and now famously called microblading technique. It quickly became my great passion, empowering me to practice every day and helping me in gaining confidence.

Today I’m very proud to have a title and declare myself as a Master and also be able to pass on the knowledge to anyone who shares a great passion and wants to enter the beauty world.

I’ve always cherished a huge ambition towards the improvement and never-ending process of learning and have always dedicated so much time in upgrading my skills and following the world trends that grow more and more every day. In addition to previously listed services, my salon now has a much wider range of services that besides microblading includes permanent makeup – Lips and Eyeliner.


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  • One of the best Phibrows Masters and wonderful person.
    Thank you for everything!!!

    Kristina Simić
  • She is our dearest Master, our beauty and support.. Always cheerful and responsive for all our needs and questions…Highly recommended !!!!

    Mayada Massarani
  • Amazing teacher, very talented artist, I recommend With all my heart!

    Ana Oprea
  • Minha mestre🧡
    Me incentivou demais a correr atrás dos meus sonhos!

    Érika Andrade Marques
  • Nora is amazing, she has been my first supporter ever! I love you and thank you for always being ready for all of us!

    Sule Ozlem Sari