Why should you choose Perfection training?

PhiBrows Perfection has been designed as an advanced course for PhiBrows Student who wish to improve their skills, get additional knowledge and practice after obtaining the title of PhiBrows Artist and Royal Artist. Part of the passion for the PhiBrows method is being the best in your field. And just because of that passion and dedication to the microblading craft, Nora Jakovljevic offers you an opportunity to continue your education through her PhiBrows Online Perfection training!

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Why should you invest in PhiBrows Microblading Course?

Microblading lately became a top trend for pointing real beauty and giving the face a new dimension. As microblading artists we have the chance to deal with different kind of people, starting from personality, to skin type and structure, taste, skintone, skin complexion and much more. This is why we have to inform clients very well about all aspects of microblading, what to expect and what to follow for best results possible.

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Why should you choose online courses?

We are taking it a one step further by offering Online PhiBrows Microblading course that takes you through a step-by-step process of the way Nora practices the Microblading procedure.  This is another way how PhiMaster Nora is revolutionizing eyebrows, through its online community.

The Microblading online course gives to all registered students an opportunity to follow an online education about PhiBrows.

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