5/6 December 2019, Belem, Brazil

5 - 6 December 2019 Belem, Brazil

Being a manual skill, microblading requires a certain amount of time spent practicing. This amount of time is not counted in days. It is counted in months. The initial two-day microblading course represents an introduction to the technique where the students become familiar with the practice and basic problems of the technique and skin.

After this two-day microblading course, the students stay in daily contact with the Academy via the Craft Master application where they upload their works and pass levels. Only when they pass all eleven levels they obtain their certificates. Average time needed for obtaining the certificate is between 3 and 4 months. The students spend about 150 hours practicing during this time.

In order to facilitate your learning process and obtain additional knowledge in Microblading, Nora Jakovljević, PhiBrows Master, offers her students a 2-day live training which includes theoretical and practical part.

Schedule | Day 1
Schedule | Day 2
PhiBrows Course Kit
  • Theoretical part covers all elements of the process itself.  From the preparation of the client, through all the necessities involved in the microblading process, to proper after-care and etc. We believe that knowing when we mustn’t do the treatment is sometimes more important than knowing how to do it.
  • During the practical part of the training, that includes microblading on a live model, students are monitored by the Nora Jakovljević, PhiBrows Master, who is available for any questions and doubts and is there to provide advice and any necessary guidance. Our aim is to show our students how it feels working on real skin and we believe that this is the way to eliminate any fear.

Upon the completion of the live training, students are entitled with Certificate of Attendance and receive access to the Craft Master application, which gives all registered students an opportunity of following online education about microblading during the next 6 months with all the necessary assistance provided by the Master.

After the completion of the course, students who meet all the necessary criteria and fulfill all conditions according to PhiAcademy standards, are issued the PhiBrows Artist Certificate based on the completed level of Craft Master education. In relation to this, students obtain the Artist title are directly marked on the map of all Artists/Technicians on the Academy’s official website.

Day 1

  • 09:00 Registration and signing the contracts between the Master and each student
  • 10:00 Basic information about the microblading course that would help the students to have realistic expectations regarding the training and mastering the microblading skill (microblading course duration, support, obtaining the Certificate, etc.)
  • 10:15 Golden ratio and forming the shape of eyebrows on paper
  • 10:45 Putting the blade in holder; opening the bottle with pigment; U blade; drawing the strokes ; video material
  • 11:00 Drawing the strokes on skin simulation (latex)
  • 11:15 – Level 1
  • 11:30 – Level 2
  • 11:45 – Levels 3 and 4
  • 12:00 – Break
  • 12:15 – Level 5
  • 12:30 – Level 6
  • 12:45 – Levels 7 and 8
  • 13:00 – Lunch break
  • 14:00 – adding the students into the Craft Master learning application and getting familiar with the application (communication, lectures, sending the photos of work etc.)
  • 15:00 – Theory; information for the clients; skin problems, appearance of strokes; pressure (surface and deep); pigments

NOTE: Check the beginning time with the organizer.


Day 2

  • 09:00 Positioning on levels based on the practice and works from the previous day
  • 10:00 Practice on live models (the first group of students) – drawing the shape – using PhiBrows application and calculating symmetry – proper stretching of the skin – use of anesthetics – filling the pigment and level of pressure applied to the skin
  • 13:00 Lunch break
  • 14:00 Further practice on live models (the second group of students)
  • 16:45 Questions and answers
  • 17:00 Delivering the Certificates of attendance to the students

NOTE: Check the beginning time with the organizer.
NOTE: The hotel accommodation is not included in the price of the training.


  • Self Adhesive Pigment Container (50pcs)
  • Scissors & Tweezers (1pc)
  • Universal Holder (1pc)
  • PhiCompass (1pc)
  • Pencils (2pcs)
  • Disposable Tools (30pcs)
  • PhiBlade U-304 (50pcs)
  • Stroke Marker (1pc)
  • Latex (3pcs)


After Care:

  • PhiShield Skin Candy (50pcs)
  • Skin Candy & Phi Topic
  • (After Care, Antishock 1, Antishock 2, Scar Protection, Sun & Sweat Protection)
  • PhiWipes After Care (5pcs)
  • PhiWipes Makeup Remover (5pcs)
  • PhiWipes Block Tonic (1pc)





    (Brown 1, Brown 2, Brown 3, Golden Brown, Fox)
    (Black, Red, Yellow)

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