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Your microblading education and training doesn’t have to stop after you get your PhiBrows certification. Part of the passion for the PhiBrows method is being the best in your field. And just because of that passion and dedication to the microblading craft, Nora Jakovljevic offers you an opportunity to continue your education through her PhiBrows Online Perfection training!

PhiBrows Online Perfection training is only for PhiBrows students and requires:

  • A certificate of attendance of Basic PhiBrows course
  • A PhiBrows Artist Certificate (including students who have completed Nora’s online course)

If you are not yet enough confident to work on real people or you are already microblading, but you are also running into the same problems over and over again, so you need help to work them out and improve quality of your work, perfection training is for you! You will be producing higher quality work and fining yourself in greater demand.

PhiPerfection course is an intensive online course with 3 months of continuous support, focused on fixing mistakes and woking on your technique, using our unique learning app – Craft Master. This course can be enrolled anytime – from the comfort of your home. Lectures are available 24/7 in the app, so you chose time when you are ready to practice and learn.

Be sure that your Master, Nora Jakovljevic, will be guiding you through this process, taking care of any of your questions and making sure that you are making proper progress, improving your skills and technique.

PhiPerfection Microblading Kit

Access to the
Craft Mater App

Access to 
All Lectures

Access to additional
Resources (Photos, Videoss)

Ongoing Master support
through Craft Master App

Online Learning App

Craft Master

Craft Master is an application for the e-learning process. It is a unique new concept of teaching for different online courses in Micro blading, permanent makeup and beauty industry. Craft Master application is designed by Branko Babić methodology and know how technique, to be a powerful learning platform in the industry that improves the skills and competitiveness. It can help to accelerate employee learning & development, deliver different levels of certification. The app provides specific experience and practical knowledge in a different field in the beauty industry.

Craft Master is a brand new concept of teaching the different techniques using classroom system in a specially designed learning process.
Key benefits from learning microblading with the Craft Master application are:

  • Saving traveling costs
  • Saving your precious time
  • Practicing whenever and wherever you want
  • Obtaining precise and dedicated guidance from a supervising master

The students send their works which are graded until they get a certificate one day. The application contains different courses, skills, lessons and the students have to pass each level, step by step, in order to obtain the certificate. The application contains lectures with hours of video material and hundreds of pictures that help students learn everything they need to know about the different techniques. It is supported by the Craft Master official technician, chemist, lawyer and doctor for all the questions that the students may have. The Craft Master also contains community part: chat, forum, shops, everything that a member of the Craft Master community needs.

You can download the Craft Master App anytime on Google Play Store or App Store. 

PhiBrows Course Kit
What you will learn?

  • Stroke Marker 1pc
  • PhiBrows Marker Pen 1pc
  • PhiShield Skin Candy 50 pcs
  • Disposable tool 3pcs
  • Latex 3pcs
  • Anti shock 2pcs
  • Drawing the eyebrow accoording to the face shape
  • Diverse skin types
  • Post-treatment care
  • Re-doing old work
  • Drawing spine patterns – hair disposition (Asian spine, Upper Spine, S Pattern)

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We are looking for someone who is ready to be devoted and work hard on organizing flawless events and courses! We invite you to become a part of the largest beauty community by becoming an ORGANIZER. If you are interested in being a live PhiBrows education organizer for your country, please contact us for more details.