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PhiBrows Perfection
Online Course

If you are not yet enough confident to work on real people or you are already microblading, but you are also running into the same problems over and over again, so you need help to work them out and improve quality of your work, perfection training is for you!

BoldBrows Perfection
Online Course

The technique of Bold Brows is very easy to learn, but like everything, it involves a certain amount of effort, for it to become an expert. The bold pattern is the best for the people who prefer natural effect and filled appearance.

Online Course

We see perfection in the golden intersection between two extremes. Compared to the modern lifestyle, our studios are designed to save valuable time and provide maximum surveillance and information available at the same time.

Online Course

The Bold Brows Kit is included in the course price. It will be delivered to your door by mail. It contains enough material for you to practice during the course and use it long after you finish training. You can choose between 3 different sizes and different contents. The price of the course depends on the kit you choose.